Sunday, March 6, 2011

Installation of Dracut in Fedora 13 ARM Beta Release

Since I am working with "RPM based kernel for Fedora-ARM" and Dracut is one of the most important things in this project, I tried to install dracut in my ARM board with yum install dracut. However, installation of dracut in Fedora 13 ARM beta failed. This lines show the problem that I received:

Error: Package: libdrm-2.4.20-1.fc13.armv5tel (fedora)
           Requires: kernel >=

It seems that the lack of kernel rpm caused this error. A temporary solution for this error is a fake kernel package. Thanks to Dan Horak for providing a fake kernel package to solve this error(temporary) for now. You can download this package here: Download package

After installing this package, I could install dracut and all dependencies of dracut successfully on Fedora 13 ARM beta. 

Khosro Taraghi

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