Monday, April 4, 2011

A Rough RPM-based Kernel for Fedora ARM - Release 0.2 SBR600 Project

I already made a RPM package for kernel 2.6.32 which is installed in ARM architecture. This is a rough package which means I used some hardcode instead of macros since I was experimenting with this. However, it is very close to final package (I hope). I released this package for my SBR600 project as release 0.2. It installs kernel 2.6.32 and initramfs in your Beagle ARM board and changes your current kernel version to 2.6.32. It keeps the previous version too. Here is a brief explanation about my spec file that I hope it would be useful for you. Also, at the end, I added my spec and srpm files so that you can download them for further review.
I will focus on important parts of spec file:
  1. %prep:   Make a temporary directory for kernel modules so that they will use later for dracut
  2. %build:   Make config file for kernel, compile kernel, make modules, install modules for later use via dracut
  3. %install:  Preparing /boot directory and copying kernel, using "ln" command to keep track of installed kernels, preparing /etc directory for copying dracut.conf in this directory, and preparing installed modules with kernel for ARM which is used with dracut
  4. %post:   Install initramfs with dracut and use "ln" command to keep track of each installed initramfs
These are my spec, rpm, and srpm files: spec file, rpm file, and srpm file
This is a picture of koji that shows I made package successfully.

I will post more details very soon.

Best Regards,
Khosro Taraghi

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